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Please don’t skip the applicator mitt! It’s mandatory for a streak free tan!

How to use:

After exfoliating (and shaving) in the shower, completely dry off and then generously lotion hands, elbows ankle and feet.

If it’s winter, I use the white bottle and it gives me just the right amount of color. If I am transitioning to summer (I may have a little bit of a base, but want to be darker) I mix the two. Once summer hits, I go gangbusters on the black bottle for the no-effort island tan.. Yes, please and amen.

Pump 2-3 pumps on the mitt and massage in big circular motions from the wrist up to the shoulders and chest  use what’s LEFTOVER on the mitt to apply to your hands and fingers (otherwise it gets cray).

Switch hands and repeat the process on the other arm and hands. You will most likely need 5-7 pumps for your legs (I tend to use more, but my legs are massive, soooo…. If you’re like a marathon runner or a ballerina.. Maybe less) *insert sarcastic tone.

Use whatever is LEFTOVER on the mitt and rub evenly on your face. Do not add a full pump onto the mitt for your face unless you want to look like a body builder competitor or an Oompa Loopa in the Chocolate Factory. You’re welcome.

Get those damage free tans on pronto! ENJOY!

For lighter skin tones (or in the winter) I use the LIGHT/MEDIUM White Bottle

And when you have a summer base or darker tan, I use the MEDIUM/DARK Black Bottle — This is what I currently use!

The Applicator Mitt

I also love this GRADUAL TAN LOTION for a more subtle, everyday use to keep up the tan!

And a FACE OIL all from St. Tropez!



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