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Hey Hey heeeeyyyyyy!!! Thanks for coming over to the blog for the balanced blueberry breakfast!! (You’re the BOMB) Just had to get one more B in there.

Ok, first things first! If you are not familiar with MACRO TRACKING (staying within your boundaries of carbs, fat and protein), jump over to my article HERE to get caught up! It’s a total game changer and SO MUCH FUN!

If you ARE familiar with macro tracking, you know that just as everyone’s bodies and goals are different, their macro needs are different! So, when I post recipes, I always want to give options on how to scale that recipe if you need more or less carbs, more or less fat OR more or less protein!

Since this meal is one of the FIRSTS of my day (I usually eat about 5-6), I like it to be higher in carbs, moderate in fat and high in protein. This will keep me satisfied longer!

Here is the meal and it’s breakdown!
Blueberry Yogurt-2

1 CUP 0% Greek Yogurt
(maple syrup to sweeten-optional)*
1/3 cup blueberries
1/3 KIND granola

45g carbs
4g fat
29g protein

A few notes on the ingredients..
-We like to buy Fage 0% at Costco. They sell huge containers for a better price than the grocery store and we use it in smoothies AND in place of sour cream in savory dishes.
-Blueberries are in season right now, so they are basically giving them away by the truck loads at the grocery store and farmer’s markets, BUT we also like to use the frozen organic blueberries because then they double as ice cubes, making every bite super cold. Perfect for summer!
-I have studied the macros and ingredients on a TON of different granola and the KIND brand is SO perfect. It’s low in fat and moderate in carbs. Super clean and low in glycemic value. There is a wide variety of flavors too!! You will hear me reference this a lot in upcoming recipe posts.
-About the sweetener.. Greek yogurt is not sweet at all, it’s more like a dollop a’ daisy. SO, I like to sweeten mine with 2TB of sugar free maple syrup OR a few drops of a flavored stevia! If you are a little uneasy about using sugar free products, feel free to use whatever you prefer! If you choose real maple syrup or brown sugar, just know that it will deduct from your overall CARB intake for the day (because sugar is a MICROnutrient and falls under carbs). So, if that’s how you want to spend your carbs, go for it. Remember, in the grand scheme of your day, if you do choose to use that 2 TB of sugar free syrup, it’s just 2 TB and won’t poison you. lol


Need more carbs? Blend a banana into your yogurt.
Need more fat? Add 1TB of coconut oil.
Need more protein? Mix 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder into yogurt!

*Also, if you’ve had the patience (and interest to get this far into this blog post), you will be happy to know that I will be posting recipes and a LOT of info about macro tracking over the next few months as I transition into more blogging! I haven’t made this announcement yet, but to my faithful blog followers.. you know first!



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