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The thought of raising a girl has always scared me. I guess it’s because I AM a girl.. I know how we think, I know how we feel, how sensitive we are, how emotional EVERY. SINGLE.DECISION is and dare I even TOUCH on finding a strong identity and living with confidence. While I have had seasons of struggle with knowing my identity, my purpose and keeping my head high amidst ridicule and trials, I always found myself looking to my mom for help. It wasn’t always as mature as me saying “hey mom, can we sit own over coffee and discuss some life issues” as much as it was just me watching her. I watched how she treated people. I listened to the way she spoke to strangers at the grocery store. I even listened to how she handled conflict on the phone with her cell phone provider and disputes between her and my dad.  No matter what it was, I watched her and I learned from her. She stayed fit, but was never obsessive. She ate wisely, but never restrictive. She was the definition of moderation, balance, beauty and grace. I like to think I have learned my good habits from her.. but I am still working on the beauty and grace.. it’s big shoes to fill 🙂

Fast forward and now I have my own little “observer.” She loves to wear activewear like mom (and often joins us in the garage for workouts on her own merit) and of course, loves ice cream. So, we do both, enjoy both and smile all the way.

Let’s talk about Albion Fit. Did you know they have MATCHING mother/daughter combinations?? AHHH I could scream! I first set my eyes on this romper and fell in love with the print and functionality. First of all, a romper? SO in fashion and SO easy.. 1 piece and I’m out the door! This is the Albion Fit Antigua Romper. I’m 5’4″ 145lbs (typically wear a size 4/6) so I am wearing the small! It’s the perfect leisure outfit for running errands with kids OR use it as a swimsuit cover up at the beach



The flutter sleeves are the perfect girly-accent to this piece. 8W7A81108W7A8039
The draw string at the waist helps me pull in tight to accentuate curves and not feel like my body is getting lost in a pillowcase!

8W7A8139POCKETS? SOLD!!!! Literally they put together a dream outfit all in one piece.

8W7A8153The biggest surprise was the built-in underwear!! So I’m free to handstand, flip, cartwheel and cheer jump without the fear of the flash!8W7A8075Matching is always fun!! I’m so excited to have found a great line of activewear and swimwear that gets QUALITY, FUNCTIONALITY and FASHION in one shot.

Head over to to get 15% OFF your purchase using the coupon code: KACEYLUVI. It can only be used one time per customer, so take advantage! Happy matching!


Also, for those of you wondering, YES I may live in AZ, but my tan is totally fake!  Click HERE to see my favorite self-tanner and links to the products!



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