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Eat it, log it, eat it, log it… repeat. Macro tracking takes intentionality and patience, but with a lot of repetition, you will get the hang of it quickly! The EASIEST way to track your macros is with the My Fitness Pal app. It’s a free app on smartphones and androids and makes logging SO much easier! If you don’t already use it, here is my MY FITNESS PAL TUTORIAL to help you get started! 

One tricky thing about macro tracking is filling them exactly at the end of the day to see 3 zeros on your remaining carbs, fat and protein! As I hope you know by now, the numbers you are given are not recommended targets that you try to stay below in order to see progress. They are numbers you strive to hit right on the dot. Let me give a few examples!

My favorite way to FILL my macros at the end of the day… Dreyer’s Slow Churned Cookies ‘n Cream with Oreo Mint Thins! 5g FAT/32g CARBS/4g PROTEIN (pictured above)

At the end of the day, say you have a majority of CARBS left to fill. Here are some foods that are HIGH in carbs and have little to know protein and fat:

Potatoes (sweet, red or white)

Brown or white rice


Bread (we prefer the Ezekiel brand)

Candy (mostly all sugar, but registers under carbs) and hey, if a handful of Mike+Ike’s at the end of your day keeps you on track, knowing that you are still hitting your goals, more power to ya. You will still see progress!!

Ice Cream (there are a few trending brands out there for fitness/macro trackers like Halo Top and Arctic Zero. They are worth a shot, but I skip those and go with the Edy’s Dreyers Slow Churned varieties!! The macros are amazing!!

 *I always like to reserve at least a few grams of fat for the end of the day so I don’t go over, since it’s tricky to fill carbs (especially the yummy ones, without a little bit of spare fat!

Now, what if you have mostly all PROTEIN and just a few carbs and fat left? Some items that contain ALL protein and little to no other macros:

Chicken Breast

99% Lean Ground Turkey (we like Jennie-O!)

Egg Whites (we buy organic in the cartons at Costco)

0% Plain Greek Yogurt

White fish, shrimp, tuna, calamari, etc. 

Some Protein Powders can have little to no fat, low carbs and MOSTLY protein, but read the labels!

Lastly, if you have a ton a FAT remaining (I think this is the most rare), but here are some great FATS with little no other macros:

Coconut Oil


Olive Oil

Fish Oil


Peanut Butter (has some carbs and protein, but fat dominant)

*MEASURING TIP: To be precise, sometimes when you are only using small amount of oils, it’s hard for a digital food scale to register. Sometimes I use a baby medicine dropper to measure out oils. For instance, I LOVE to add coconut oil to greek yogurt and bananas! For each milliliter/gram in WEIGHT, coconut oil is a gram of FAT. So, if I need 5g grams of fat, I measure out 5mL in the dropper! (mL is the liquid form of grams) 🙂

For more measuring tips, check out my HOW+WHY TO USE A FOOD SCALE BLOG





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