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Whenever I walk into my local lululemon at Scottsdale Quarter, I first wonder if it’s ok that most of the staff knows me by name 🙂 Then, I just smile and think this is like that old bar show Cheers, it’s just 2016 and activewear… way better. While it’s not always in my budget to just roll in and style myself in a coordinating outfit from head-to-toe, I have mastered a way to slowly build my lululemon wardrobe over the course of 7 years of being an addict. From the first time I slipped my (at the time) chubby thighs into those yoga pants and they made me look better than I knew to be reality, I was sold.

First let’s talk about this hoodie. Just because it’s over 100 degrees in Scottsdale, does NOT mean hoods need to be abandoned until winter. I love the sleeveless hoodie for early morning runs (especially when it’s windy). Somehow it keeps me focused, like a horse with blinders, keep my headphones secure, and I straight up feel like a G. Need any more reasons?

You can find the sleeveless hoodie HERE!


The first piece I spotted was these Speed Shorts in Palm Lace Tofino. The pattern, the colors.. they had me at 3-secret pockets and the fact they feel like I’m wearing Kleenex. Perfect for all training scenarios, but they really shine for the runners with jumbo thighs like me.. somehow they resist creeping up in the middle!

LW7A19S_025738_AThe Trapeze Tank comes in 4 different colors, is buttery soft and my FAVORITE cut around my shoulders. HINT: the bigger the shoulders appear, the smaller your waist looks, so bring on the boulders. It has a twisted, open back which is perfect for showing off all the amazing scrappy sports bras we are seeing show up everywhere. I’m positive lululemon was the renegade on this trend, but it has sure caught on. Something to note, this tank was created to be loose with a little flow. But let’s be real, having a muscular build doesn’t always look great in “flow” as it sometimes makes me appear like I’m trying to hide something. So, I actually SUPER downsized on this guy. I usually wear a 6 comfortably in tanks and I went with a 2. I’m totes not a 2. (but it kinda made my day). lol


The name of the bra alone has me convinced it was made for me. The FREE TO BE WILD BRA is for anyone who wants tons of support with a ton of cute detail. It’s sweat-wicking, (absorbs moisture) and holds form. It’s perfect paired with the Trapeze Tank or other open or slouchy back shirts. Also, when you wear it with other standard racerbacks, you can still see the straps! Win win no matter what!

I’ve had my eye on this visor for a long time. In fact, when they first came out in the store, they sold out EVERYWHERE so fast I was kicking myself for not buying it right away. If you are familiar with the way lululemon works with their merchandise, a lot of items are unique and only come through the store once (MAYBE twice). So, THANKFULLY, they brought back these visors and I was quick to grab one. The benefits of a visor:

  1. shade.
  2. sweat.
  3. high pony.

8W7A6018Finally, the color of these shoes were the backbone to inspiring the rest of the outfit. I found these at Nordstrom Rack for about $40 and never looked back!
8W7A5128running8W7A5769So, if you are in the Scottsdale area, be sure to check out lululemon at Scottsdale Quarter. Who knows.. I might be there.  🙂



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