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cerulean3I have arrived at Cerulean, an advanced training and wellness center in Scottsdale, AZ! And when they say progressive, they mean like systems and programs that seem as if they are from the future. It’s like walking into Disney’s Tomorrowland for athletes! Cerulean can tell you the actual age of your heart and lungs based on testing AND reveals where and how you can improve in certain areas.

My husband first introduced me to Cerulean as a place to do cryotherapy. Cryo-what? I had NEVER heard of it. Here is what it looks like (my husband in the tank!):


It’s basically a stand-up chamber that uses EXTREME cold to heal, repair and restore muscles after performance or periodically to trigger natural healing in the body. It’s a 2 minute freezing experience  to heal and renew skin and muscles without any chemicals. They also offer an Artic Cryo-Facial for improved collagen production and pores size reduction! I can’t wait to try that! 

When I first toured the facility with my husband and Chris and Heidi Powell, I was blown away. They not only offer several different state-of-the-art modalities to promote health and wellness, but classes for SPECIFIED training like an entire room set up with less oxygen available so athletes can train in “high altitudes” without having to wear cumbersome masks.

The 8,000 square foot Scottsdale facility offers an all-around lifestyle program that allows the clients to unlock their true potential and live their best physical life. The staff is INCREDIBLY knowledgable. I consider myself to be well-educated, but man.. I was lucky if I even recognized every 4th work they would say. Though the knowledge is deep, science AND evidence-based, they do a GREAT job bringing it down to layman’s terms so I could actually understand what was going on! 

I was mostly intrigued by the overall PHYSIOLOGICAL ATHLETIC TESTING, which is what I am doing in these photos below!

The first test (on the left) was just reading my basic pulmonary functions and lung capacity. I was surprised (and so were they) to find out that my lung capacity was *almost* as good as Lance Armstrong’s. Shocking to me, since when I run it feels like there are cotton balls jammed in my esophagus. But it’s not about cardiovascular condition as much as it’s about how much air your lungs can hold and blow out. Makes sense because I’m a singer!

The photo on the right is me hooked up to a machine and on a stationery bike to determine how my heart and lungs respond during exercise. The tech was able to tell me the EXACT second I started to feel the “burn” of lactic acid building in my muscles. It like he could see inside my SOUULL!!!!! hahaha (I wonder if he could see that I ate 2 Rice Krispy treats for breakfast)


We also tested my VO2 Max (which bascially tells me how fit I am and how I can optimize my exercise), AND was even able to tell me how many calories I should consume to maintain, build or lose weight, along with the percentage of MACROS I should consume. I was happy to see that my macro coach at the time was SPOT ON in her assessment. And this is 100% science-based!

The test indicated that my body burns 233g carbs, 59g fat and 146g protein, for a total of 2,048 calories. If I were to eat this exact amount, I could expect my body to stay exactly the same.

Here is a list of the things the PHYSIOLOGICAL TESTING provides:

  • Resting Metabolic Rate
    • How Many Calories Should I Consume?
  • Nutritional Assessment
    • What Type/Percentages of Macronutrients?
    • What Should I Look for in a Multivitamin?
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • Do I Have Any Underlying Lung Conditions?
  • Hemodynamic Response to Exercise (Rest, Stress, Recovery)
    • Does My Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation Respond Normally?
  • 12-Lead Electrocardiography (Rest & Stress)
    • Do I Have Any Underlying Heart Conditions?
  • VO2 max & Anaerobic Threshold Performance Testing
    • How Fit Am I?
    • How Can I Optimize the Efficiency of My Exercise?


I LOVED having the test done and it has really helped me dial in to becoming a fitter athlete, but also taught me about how to properly fuel my body for functionality AND results. They sent me home with a 12-page print out of all of my results, so I can go back and refer to them when needed!

ceruleanCheck out the CERULEAN website! If you are in the area and want to try it out, mention KACEY LUVI and they will take $10 off any service AND offer you a cryotherapy treatment for $35 instead of the usual $75!



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