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When I was a first-time mom, I was so overwhelmed with all the choices of baby products on the market. How would I ever decide which one I liked best? I remember going into stores like BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us, my head like a swivel and having no clue where to begin. I particularly remember the WALL OF PACIFIERS and thought to myself, “Seriously? Why? Why are there SO MANY OPTIONS?!!?!?” Truth be told, I may have purchased 15 different brands of pacifiers before finding the ONE my kids like.. and with a fussy newborn in the middle of the night, it was worth the trouble. Bigger ticket items are a little more challenging to “try out.” You MIGHT be able to cruise them around a store if they are not high up on a display, but even then it’s hard to detect what it would be like to live in the everyday. We can rely on the retail employees to give us their 2 cents, but I want to hear from a MOM.. someone who actually uses the thing. So if you will, consider hearing me out. I am a mother of 2, ages 5 and 1, and within the last 5 years, I have owned 5 of the top strollers on the market. First of all, red flag… what does that tell you? Either I’m a compulsive stroller buying addict or I’ve just never owned the Baby Jogger Summit x3 until now. GAME CHANGER.

If you want to make ONE purchase and not have multiple strollers for different occasions, this is the stroller to have. It’s the perfect hybrid, able to handle all-terrain and day time strolls like the mall, parks or Disneyland trips. The front-swivel wheel makes for super smooth and easy maneuvering, but also LOCKS into place when you want to jog to avoid the wheel from wobbling. If you have a newborn or infant still in a car seat, I highly recommend purchasing the Car Seat Adapter (Compatible With: Peg Perego, Baby Jogger, Chicco, Graco, Evenflo). It fits right on top of the stroller and easy to take out of the car and lock right onto the stroller so you don’t have to disturb a sleeping baby. Then, transfer them right back into the car after the ride!


If you live in a colder climate, I would suggest purchasing the Baby Jogger Weather Shield. It not only protects your baby from rain, but also wind (especially if you’re a very fast runner) 🙂 or even BUGS!

If you are like me and just love to get out of the house, even if it’s just to grab a coffee and stroll the mall, I would not go without a Parent Console! It’s a super handy spot for all the essentials like your phone so you can be snap chat ready at all times and a coffee because duh, you’re a mom. I love the parent console for easy accessibility, but I will note that the under-carriage of the stroller is large and capable of holding A LOT.. maybe even another small child and then you don’t need a double stroller. JK, you didn’t hear that from me.

Of course, I wouldn’t leave you hanging without filling you in on these FAVORITE pieces of mine from lululemon. First, the lululemon Power Y tank is fitted with a built-in bra and my fave go-to top for training OR dressing it up with jeans (like that happens super often).

I picked up my second pair of Hotty Hot Shorts this week because I LOVED the color and really like the fit. They have relaxed fit, a 2.5 in inseam. They also sell another pair that is longer at a 4″ inseam. Buuuut, since my legs are short.. so are my shorts. (I grew up sweatin’ with Richard Simmons, so he is my inspiration) 🙂

Having a jogging stroller is a perfect EXCUSE to still get a good workout and not miss out on quality time with your babe! I didn’t think I needed a jogging stroller because, hello.. NOT a jogger. At best I’m a wogger. BUT, I started to view the stroller as a vehicle to enhance my workouts and keep my baby in a safe and contained place while I do! (don’t mind in the video that we’re in the middle of a road.. no one was harmed in the making of the film and I promise I’m a very responsible mom.. usually). K, anyway. It’s time to start thinking OUTSIDE the box and trying out different exercises with your jogging stroller.


10 jumping squats



10 jumping lunges


Sprint 20 seconds

REST 10 seconds

10 pushups (feet up on the stroller for more of a challenge, or feet on the ground to make it easier!)

REST 10 seconds

10 PLANK/PIKES : Place your feet, laces down, into to the footrest of the stroller and get into plank position. From here, use your core to push your booty up into the air, moving the stroller forward with your feet. Then, back to plank. 

REST 1 minute

REPEAT 3 rounds of this and call it your very effective HIIT cardio for the day! Done in under 10 minutes! And OF COURSE… any extra PLAY TIME with kids COUNTS as good and effective, calorie burning throughout the day. But the biggest benefit here is engaging with your kids. So, the more the merrier of this one!

PHOTO AND VIDEO CREDIT: Taylor Hanson Photography (IG @tayylor.hanson)



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