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I hit up Nordstrom Rack the other day when my sweet husband gave me 2 hours kid-free to do whatever I wanted.. ohhh, love you. SO, naturally I chose to zone out and shop around with an iced coffee in hand and a happy smize. Places like The Rack require laser-sharp focus and a lot of patience, but when you find some goods it’s worth the pain!

Bear with me as I am not technically qualified as a fashion blogger, I can’t help but share when I find great pieces! Rest assured, I am frugal shopper, so I will always be on the lookout for deals.

Here are my finds for the day!

Melrose + Market CREAM SWEATER

They also carry this Melrose + Market in another gorgeous color, the OLIVE SWEATER!

I also found this pair of LUCKY BRAND BOOTIES which are the most versatile and the most COMFORTABLE boot I’ve ever worn!

Of course I’m always trying to find ways to make lululemon work for everyday outfits instead of just training, so here is the sweater paired with my favorite lululemon HIGH TIMES PANTS. It looks like the olive green is no longer available, so I’ve also linked another legging option below!

COTTON ON LEGGINGS– this is one of my regular stops in the mall and I LOVE these leggings. They are a “moto” style and UNDER $15!!



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