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Ever since having a HUGE problem with acne in my early 20’s–nothing like feeling like a prepubescent boy in my college years–I’ve always been after that smooth, flawless skin. I like COVERAGE, but I don’t necessarily want to look like a drag queen headed to church on a Sunday morning. This is why I love MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF Foundation for the summer. Typically, I have a little more color on my skin from the sun, so this dewy, moisturizing coat is perfect to even out my skin tone AND give me sun protection at the same time. Did you know that if we don’t wear sunscreen on our face (or in our makeup), over 1 year’s time we will get the equivalent of an unprotected 8-hour day at the beach worth of damage? This is all incidental sun damage–walking from the grocery store to the car and DRIVING!! My sun damage is TWICE as bad on the left side of my face than my right–because it’s my driving side and more exposed to the sun (without me really thinking about it!)

What’s the best way to apply foundation? I’m so glad you asked! The 2 MOST common ways people initially think to apply is either with there fingers/hands OR a  sponge! Even these trendy little beauty blenders are ALL the rage and used by top makeup artists around the world, they are still a sponge and have the tendancy to ABSORB product. There IS a pro and con to this.. they are amazing because they can absorb EXCESS product from your face, creating that perfect blend into the skin, OR they can absorb product to the point of being wasteful.. and you end up going through your foundation bottle quicker than your back account would like. I mean, all I’m saying is that you don’t want to have to dip into your nugget money to support your wasteful foundation habits.

This is why I prefer to apply foundation with the MAC #168 brush. Although not pictured in my IG post, this white-haired contouring brush is soft and fluffy and easily spreads and buffs the appropriate amount of product onto the skin. Less is more.. see how far a little amount will take you before you go back for more. You will be surprised! Even wearing foundation almost EVERY day of the year, a foundation bottle typically lasts me about 3 -4 months!

Now, for my favorite bronzing/blush brush.. the MAC #126 Brush. It’s fluffy but flat, allowing you to contour and blend at the same time under your cheekbones, under your jawline and along the top of your forehead. It’s pretty fool-proof. My fave bronzer for medium to dark skin tones is MAC Give Me Sun THE BEST!!! And my fave all around blush with the right amount of pink and plum (and ever so slight shimmer) is MAC Plum Foolery Blush!

OHHHH, lips.. my current obsession is a creamy, beachy, tan and PEACHY look for summer! Pair a tan liner like MAC Stripdown liner (makes teeth look magically more white) with MAC Shy Girl Lipstick and MAC Prrr Lipglass. It’s Prrrrrrr-fect. (had to).

I’m outside a lot in the summer, in the pool, sweating in my garage gym, and behind my camera for hours at a time. So, I prefer MAC In-Dimension Waterproof Mascara to stay all day and prevent from smudging! If you don’t prefer waterproof, they have Mac In-Dimension Mascara (non-waterproof)

And finally… all the rage these days.. Rodan+Fields has launched this amazing product called Lash Boost that has changed the lash game forever. No need for extensions anymore if you can commit to applying this product nightly (like a mascara) for 6-8 weeks. It’s a miracle!! Give it a try! You won’t regret it!

Also, the adorable TOTE I’ve been using to carry my summer makeup is from COCO+KIWI and the Hello Tosha Collection!



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