The Leander Family!

I LOVE the Leander family! Our relationship started with Lauren’s Senior Portrait session over a year ago, then the relationship blossomed with a deep, “TMI” but very endearing conversation with the sweet Sandy in my kitchen about life and health. Then, a call from Tom a few days before Christmas pleading with me.. “All my wife wants for Christmas is a photo shoot with Kacey Luvi!” I was honored and sent him gift certificate for her to unwrap for Christmas. Now, I can love all of the Leanders! A little behind on my sports trivia, my sweet assistant, Amy (who knows EVERYONE in the greater Phoenix area) said… “Is that Tom Leander?? THE Tom Leander??” I thought… hmmm, he never mentioned his job specifically or how cool he was, but yes.. this is Tom Leander, the Phoenix Suns commentator! How cool are you, TOM?!?! Thanks for NOT telling me! HAHA! He and Sandy met in the journalism field years ago while Sandy and Tom were reporting for CBS and ABC together in Tucson! What a rock star family!

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